All the items found on this website are hand made by ourselves in our own studio in Amsterdam. We take time and care producing these pieces to give you something functional and beautiful.

The process from first idea to a finished product takes quite some time. We start with a story and inspirational images that merge into our seasonal concept. With this concept in mind we choose our materials and colours to produce the feel and look that fits our story.

When this is complete the designs come together by making samples and looking at the potential of the materials we have chosen. If we feel passionate and pleased about a final sample we start the production process. This production process takes most of our time as a bag may take us several days to produce.

We deliberately decided to produce this way. We feel by making the items all by hand we can give you a piece of our brand ANNEX and more exclusivity.

We hope you love the items we are presenting and share our passion for long lasting, exclusive and hand-made products.