Black, Ivory, Mud

The Black, Ivory and Mud coloured leather is Calfskin with a heavy textured grain and/or natural lines, giving it a subtle feel even though it is thick. This makes the leather very durable.  To preserve the natural look the black leather has a wax finish which makes the oil rise to the surface over time giving the leather a glossy classic look. The Ivory and Mud calfskins have a sprayed finish, which maintains the colour and look of the leather and makes it easy to maintain.


The light Blue, Sunny yellow and Sand coloured calfskins are smooth, surfaced leathers which are soft to the touch. They are dyed through and through, and covered with a protective spray finish to give them a very clean look. But please be aware that a light colour is sensitive to dark coloured clothing and colour transfer may occur together with possible abrasion when coming into contact with sharp objects.

The Navy striped leather is a skin that has been covered with a glossy foil which is afterwards cut to give that special textured look.