We want your leather goods to become your essential everyday companion. Therefor you can be part of the design process and customize your own ANNEX item. Wether you want a personal leather type, change the colour or make small adjustments to the design, nearly everything is possible in our Amsterdam studio.

If you already have your future leather item in mind wether it is for work or a special occasion, we are always open to discuss options. We are curious about your ideas!


“We do inspections of gas installations and gas pipes and have a lot of attributes that are handy to have with you constantly. For example a flashlight, measuring tape, a CO meter, pen and cell phone. For workmen or employees in a restaurant one can be found here on the internet, but a tailor-made belt for our work and also for ladies, I did not find anything for that. So at Annex I asked the question if they could design a belt so that I could have all my attributes always at hand. They did a great job! I am very satisfied with my belt where really everything can be stored in and hung on, I will never miss again!”


“I was looking for a new bag. And I often had the thought: how nice it would be if I could get a bag that meets my requirements completely. To my surprise, at Annex they could fulfill my wish. You indicate how you would like to see the bag including the interior and it all worked out! The right color and size, completely to my liking. It became the bag that I always use on a daily basis. I do not want to use another! If this is worn out, I will find Annex again.”