Favorite ANNEX item within the current collection?

My Favorite item is the ANNEX wallet for it’s simple design and functional use. The wallet is ideal for travelling because it has room for my passport, travel papers and lots of cards. It also looks great holding it as a clutch.
Every day I use the credit card slip to carry my cards and money with me. Love how small it is so I can take it with me everywhere!

Place I would like to use or take my favorite ANNEX item?

The perfect destination to use the ANNEX wallet would be anywhere sunny! Travelling is one of my favorite things to do. I love being in a different city experiencing the culture, architecture and food. My next destination will be Spain this summer with my family.
I also always have my credit card slip with me to every festival I go to because it is so easy to keep with me when I am dancing and laughing in the sun!

Any ideas on the best accessory yet to be made?

Fanny pack that doesn’t look like a fanny pack ; )

Favorite colour from our SS14 collection?

From the ANNEX collection my favorite colour is Aqua because it’s just so fresh and sunny.

ANNEX and you……?

I am one of the co-owners of Annex Store and I am mainly responsible for creating the bags and small leathers by hand and realizing the ideas. To be able to have these skills I studied a leather craftsman ship course where I learned how to be able to produce professional leather items.