A story about two women who went from working together in an accessory shop to starting their own business designing and creating their own leather bags and accessories.

It all started when we met almost a decade ago working together in a shop selling bags/accesssories and both still in school. Sally-May was studying at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Eveline was taking a leather craftsmanship course. When Sally-May had to make her final collection at the end of her study she decided to design bags and jewellery as a part of her collection and reached out to Eveline to help create these bags. At that time we weren’t working together anymore and both finishing our studies but this re-connection led to the idea of starting our own brand called ANNEX.

So now you know how it all started! We’ve gone through some ups and downs together which made us grow into really good friends and businesspartners with a lot of love for what we do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep on following us!

See us in action here in this Video Gosse and Sanne made for their website: