A few weeks ago we started visualizing this collection by prepping for our shoot. It became clear by this concept (the essentials) and resulting items that it needed to be something clean/basic, personal and most of all something special.

We came up with the idea of shooting in our studio space, the very space where all our ideas and creative thinking come alive. Also this is the very space we craft our products with passion. We have been here for a few months now and are very happy and comfortable in our little shop. It is, as you can see, very clean and white and could not possibly fit more to our style and feel.

My dear friend and photographer Merel Groebbé came up with the idea of a behind the scenes story. This way we can bring you inside our space and show you where it has all begun and make beautiful and playful images. The fact that you can see props/lights and machines that we use also fits into this story. We are really happy with the outcome and hope you like them too.

If you would like to see more of our shoot visit our instagram and facebook page.

Here’s a little peek at the outcome.