Hi All, we would love to show you a little bit more about how we make our products! We make all of our products by hand. It starts with having a design, creating a carton pattern, deciding on what leather to use, then cutting it out of the leather and assembling and stitching the leather to make it into a product. So by the following pictures we would like to show you how we make the small wallet/cardholder in 4 steps.

Firtst step… to decide on which kind of leather we would like to use. In this case we took several colours and prints.

IMG_20150916_184055Second step….. is to cut out the carton pattern out of the leather in each colour and print we chose.

IMG_20150915_114125Step three……is when we do the assembling for which we use most of the time: a hammer, glue, hardware a scalpel and scissors.

IMG_20150912_094319Last step……is where the sewing machine comes in and we stitch the wallet to make sure the shape stays in place. So now the product is finished and ready to be sold!