Annex Store is a leathergoods brand based in the Netherlands. We focus on clean cut, simple yet innovative designs. Annex has been built by Sally-May van Leusden and Eveline Brunt who complement each other in creating beautiful, handcrafted leather products.

Sally-May van Leusden is the creative innovator behind the designs of Annex. She forms the mood and atmosphere of the design and the inspiration to create a seamless collection of accessories. Sally takes the lead in production whilst also working on brand communication to ensure our ideas and dreams can be shared with the outside world. Sally studied International Fashion Design and discovered that accessories and working with leather is her personal passion. In addition to this she has a great interest in designing and creating knitwear pieces.

Eveline Brunt has the vital role of realizing the creative ideas. She takes lead responsibility in creating the bags and small leathers by hand, to an exceptional standard. She puts great effort into both finishing and functionality to make sure the pieces are perfect in use. Eveline studied Leather Craftsmanship, allowing her to learn the art of producing beautiful handmade leather products.

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How we work? Gosse Bouma made this VIDEO about us! find more of his work at www.gossebouma.com